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Wooden Hut

Our Work

All of our work is custom designed and client focused.  I'll work with you to scope the project, define the deliverables, and build the timeline.  Here are a few examples of projects:




CAMSO was based in Quebec and specialized in off road tires, tracks, and associated components.  They were acquired by Michelin in 2018.  I was hired by their CEO to integrate the new leadership team into the post-acquisition structure.  Following that work, I've been assisting the transition at the top as the new Business Unit leader comes online.



Cotopaxi had outsourced their HR functions to a PEO.  I was hired by the CEO to bring HR in-house.  We've enabled the tech stack, built the People Ops roadmap, and grown a team.  This project is primarily focused on enabling growth with "business driven HR."  I serve as a "fractional" CHRO and a member of the Executive Team.





Lucid is a high growth tech firm.  My work here was to coach/onboard the new SVP of People Ops.  Following that, we partnered on designing and launching Lucid U - their Corporate University.


Snap AV

SnapAV and Control4 merged to form the leader in home electronics.  I worked as the executive coach to one of their senior sales leaders as he took on an expanded portfolio of responsibilities.



Backcountry LLC

From 2013 - 2017 I was the EVP of People here.  This was a "rebuild" of the entire HR function, which had essentially lain dormant for several years.

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